Outer Edge of the Empire

Introduction to.... The Edge of the Empire!
What did we pick up now?

I won’t bother with background on the Star Wars universe, I’ll assume you all come with a working knowledge of the original trilogy. Edge of the Empire takes place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.

Whatever your individual motives and histories are (cause your game master is a little bit lazy but I’m sure he will weave everything together well enough eventually), you all find yourself under the employ of Barol, a small scale trader. You all started moving goods between warehouses or to transport ships on Coruscant. You showed yourselves to be good workers who were outwardly trustworthy enough to start manning cargo ships and go on runs for him to nearby planets.

This started about a month ago and since then you have participated in three runs, all of which went fine. There have been a couple hints that Barol has his hands in many pies. Breet and Zooque (two other crew members on your transport who meet more often with Barol and are ‘in charge’ while away on missions) seem to slip away often when planet-side. More than once they arranged for the rest of the crew to partake in a cargo inspection at the delivery location and when you all returned 2 of the three cargo bays of the ship were sealed and both of them looked worn out from hard labor.

On this day you all just returned from Planet Lotsostuff with a small shipment of power inverters and some other sundries. This seemed to be a rush job and Barol offered 10% extra if you got the cargo back and offloaded by 18:00. You all managed to beat that by an hour and delivered the cargo safely to Niff, Barol’s chief technician, in the shop. He quickly got to work installing the inverters in some kind of machine.

After securing the ship, you are the last 5 people (the four of you and “generic NPC I shall flesh out after you all pick what characters you are playing”) to make your way to Barol’s glass walled office at the top of the warehouse, overlooking the entire building, to collect your bonuses. The rest of the warehouse is mostly deserted.

As you ascend the metal staircase to Barol’s office you hear a loud argument. Barol can be seen yelling, much angrier than you have ever seen him. He does not seem to be yelling directly at Niff, the only other person in the office, but Niff’s face shows concern. This is extremely worrisome because you all know Niff to normally take pleasure in upsetting anyone when the problem isn’t his fault, and avoiding people like the plague if it is his fault. From your positions on the staircase you can make “inverters” and “broken” from their ‘conversation’.


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